Aerogel Hybrid System 2.0

The worlds lightest solid material.

Next-generation insulation technology.

The Guide Aerogel Hybrid System 2.0 combines the unique properties of Aerogel insulation with a lightweight weather-resistant shell fabric and our amazing merino wool fleece blend. The result are garments that are lightweight, comfortable, breathable, compressible — and uniquely warm for their weight.

A unique combination of materials.

Surprisingly warm for its weight, with an athletic, stretchable fit and a weather resistant shell, this is the perfect mid-layer system for demanding outdoor activities. Use it as a mid-layer during winter for skiing, ski-touring or alpinism, or as a stand-alone items for low-pulse activities in the summertime.

The worlds lightest solid material.

Originally developed by NASA for use in aeronautical applications, Aerogel has the lowest thermal conductivity of any known substance, and is so incredibly light it is commonly referred to as ‘frozen smoke’. Unlike other insulation materials, Aerogel will retain its amazing insulating capability even when compressed.

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