The Stellar Shell 2.0

Our most important upgrade ever

Our most important upgrade ever

We are proud to introduce the new Stellar Shell 2.0 Program. Completely re-engineered from the ground up, it is built on the experiences from a 7-year product life cycle and the feedback from thousands of users, featuring new innovative technologies to deliver best-in-class performance.

The future of hard-shell protection.

Maximized performance
— minimized impact

This is a hardcore 3-layer shell, built from a new 100% pre-consumer recycled Japanese nylon fabric, and paired with the unrivaled Dermizax™NX technology. It offers a reduced footprint and increased durability while maintaining the exceptional waterproofness, extraordinary breathability and low weight that our users depend on.

Enhanced technology
— reductive design

Standing by our continuous strive for improvement and our reductive design philosophy, we updated the Stellar Shell 2.0 Program down to the very last component, with significant technical advancements, sharp timeless lines, and carefully considered details. It is tested and perfected for activities like freeriding, ski-touring and sidecountry.

The Stellar Shell
— only the name remains

When we set out to redesign our best-selling product ever, our requirements included upgraded performance, improved durability and an even better fit, while adhering to high environmental standards. Not an easy feat — as people loved its predecessor. But we ended up changing every last detail.

The future of
hard-shell protection

Perfected for on-mountain winter activities like freeriding, ski-touring and sidecountry, the new Stellar Shell 2.0 Program represents a versatile blend of pure capability and minimalistic aesthetics.

Stellar Shell Pants 2.0

Layering is everything

The Stellar Shell 2.0 Program is an essential part of The Stellar System™, our expanding ecosystem of premium technical layering products for demanding on-mountain activities.

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