What is Stellar Equipment?

We produce top-end outdoor products, in close collaboration with some of the best and most innovative producers and factories in the world, using the best materials available. We create purposeful and sustainable product lines for the long-term, not temporary collections. Every product we create is a vital part of a complete system. Sales are made directly from us, directly to you, without any middlemen. This means that we can sell premium products at a fair price. Stellar Equipment was founded in 2015.


Where can I buy Stellar Equipment products?

Online at stellarequipment.com and in our showrooms in Åre, Sweden and in Zermatt, Switzerland.


Why should I buy products from Stellar Equipment?

We create products with a timeless design using the best materials we can find and assemble them in the finest factories we know. All our products are designed to work for many different outdoor activities. We believe that the best you can do for the environment (and yourself) is to buy as few products as possible. Buy less but buy better.


Who are behind Stellar Equipment?

The company was founded by Fredrik Dahl and John Crawford-Currie. Fredrik has a long, solid history in product design and development and have worked for international brands like Haglöfs, Peak Performance, The North Face and J.Lindeberg. John is an avid skier with a background in publishing, branding and marketing. He has worked with brands like Wallpaper, Scott Sports, Head Skis and Peak Performance.


How can your prices be so good?

When you buy a product in a store, about 50% of what you pay goes to the store. Often there is an importer that need 25% and the rest goes to the brand and the factory. This system consequently drives down production costs in low-wage countries while pushing up consumer prices at the other end. Since we sell our products ourselves, we can lower the prices, make some money for ourselves and still pay our factories more. Learn more here.



When is it back in stock again?

We restock all of our winter products in autumn, and we restock all summer products in spring. When something is out of stock on the website, it will fill up accordingly. For any further information about the restock status of a specific product, feel free to contact our customer support.


How are the sizes?

We have a normal sizing, but many of the products have an athletic fit and are designed for maximum freedom of movement – if you are looking for a looser fit, choose one size up, and if you are looking for a tighter fit, choose one size down. Check out our size guide here.


Why don’t you have more sizes?

We are a new brand and do our best to grow at a good pace. Since we choose only the very best factories they also demand high quantity of every size. We will start doing more sizes as we grow.


How warm are your down products?

It’s impossible to grade a down jacket (or any jacket) for a certain temperature since the surrounding conditions are always changing. The 1000FP down we use for the Ultralight Down garments is extremely warm in relation to its weight — but our 800FP Red Hot Down Parka is warmer, since it contains much more down. The Ultralight Hood is slightly warmer that the Ultralight Jacket — only because the quilted down channels are slightly bigger. The Ultralight Down jackets are made to be worn under a shell in cold winter temperatures and will keep you warm in sub -15°C temperatures if used that way. If used without a shell we would say that -5°C is a lower comfort temperature. The Red Hot Down Parka will manage well below sub -20°C temperatures if used on top of a base-mid-shell layering system.


Where do you produce your garments?

We use the best factories in the world for technical outdoor equipment, they are located in China and Vietnam.


Shipping, returns and payment

How long is the delivery time?

It depends on to what country you order. Learn more here.


Where is my package?

When you place an order and we packed it, you will get a tracing number to follow the package all the way to you.


How do I return a product?

Read more about returns here.


How long does it take to get my money back after a return?

Our goal is to make the refund the day after we receive your package back to us, and depending on what option you used to pay with its 1-3 bank days before you have your money after that. Depending on from what country you returned the package, it can take up to a week before we receive it. In very busy periods (December) it might take us a little longer to make the refund, but we are doing our best to be as fast as possible.


When will you start shipping to more countries?

As soon as possible, but right now we can only ship to the ones listed here.



Why can’t I place an order?

99% of the times some or all of the following will work:
> Change device – laptop, phone, tablet or other.
> Change network or wi-fi.
> Change browser – firefox, chrome, safari or other.



Where does your down come from?

We buy all of our down from Allied Feathers and it is RDS and Bluesign certified, fluorocarbon (PFC) free, allergen free and sourcetrack verifiable. It is not liveplucked.


Is there any PFC in your products?

We try to maintain the lowest possible PFC-levels that still delivers the effect that we need to provide the quality our customers request for our clothing. The down that we use, however, is PFC-free, bluesign-certified and traceable. We have initiated a common project with one of the world’s premier fabric manufacturers, Japanese Toray Inc (who make our membrane Dermizax NX, Kevlar and other amazing materials) where we are developing a new PFC free outer-fabric. We tested shell jackets with some of these new materials last winter, and we will continue to do so this winter, but unfortunately the quality is still not at a satisfying or commercially viable level. PFC free fabrics wear faster, get wet faster and gets dirty faster, at least for now. Some people are prepared to compromise with this, and some are not. It can also be debated whether it is environmentally sound to make clothing that wear faster and needs more washing, than clothing with a low amount of PFC. But with that said — our absolute goal is to develop materials that are as good as those we use now (or hopefully even better) without perfluorinated chemicals, and we work very hard to reach that goal.


Read more about sustainability at Stellar Equipment here.



Do you sponsor riders?

We have a great family that we support with clothes. If you believe you belong to the Stellar family send an email to David at dk@stellarequipment.com.


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