About Stellar Equipment


Leading performance

We dream up, design and manufacture world class technical outdoor equipment for ourselves, and for anyone else who loves to spend their lives in the mountains. Our products are lightweight, minimalistic and uncompromising, with an engineered athletic fit. They are all designed as essential parts of the Stellar Equipment Layering system.

We only use the very best materials available — the most waterproof and breathable membranes on the market, 1000 fill power down, synthetic insulation developed for space exploration, innovative and ultralightweight fabrics, and the highest-quality waterproof zippers and components — to name a few.

Our factories hold the highest standard in regards to quality, as well as environmental certificates and workforce ethics. Our name obligates us to reach higher — we strive to produce truly stellar equipment.

Sustainable quality

This isn’t our first — far from it, actually. Many of us have been in this game for a long time. And over the years of our involvement, two major insights have grown stronger. First, the outdoor life, mountains, nature, sports and amazing experiences are really what we’re into. This is what we want to spend the rest of our lives doing. Once a hobby that turned into a career, creating great stuff has transformed itself into a way of life.

Second, there is something seriously wrong with the outdoor business. It is stuck in a system where cutting costs and raising prices is the norm. Where cost effectivity is more important than great design. Where marketing new products — only to ship them off to the outlets a few months later to make room for even more new stuff — is considered good business. It is not.

We started Stellar Equipment because we wanted to get away from trade shows and budget meetings, because we want to spend more time in the mountains we love, using fantastic gear and hanging out with great people.

Exceptional value

We only sell through our own meta channels, that is, in our web shop or in our showrooms. That way we have full control of our products, maintain a genuine and true dialogue with our customers, and can decide for ourselves what factories, materials, products and colors we want to work with. We don’t do collections; instead we try to create great products with timeless design from leading materials.

We only change a product if we find an even better material, or come up with an improved design. We never chase trends. Two of our bestselling products, the Stellar Shell Jacket and the Ultralight Down Jacket, have looked exactly the same since 2015. Not many companies can say the same thing, and the sustainability effect of this cannot be understated.

Last but not least — by cutting out the middlemen we can sell amazing technical outdoor products at a great price.

Complete Systems

Every product we create, down to the very last detail, is part of a technical layering system — finely tuned to perform during demanding physical activities in shifting alpine conditions.

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