20% for the planet

20% for the planet


On this black day, the retail industry is doing all it can to encourage impulsive shopping that in the long run leads to mass production and waste, instead of focusing on quality and sustainability.

White Friday

This is why we call this day White Friday instead, and donate 20% of all our sales to the organization 1% for the Planet. Because we live and love winters, we want to do all we can to help the future be as white and bright as possible!

20% for the planet

It doesen’t matter if you order a knitted hat or a complete technical kit for that deep backcountry adventure you’ve been planning. We will donate 20% of the total order value no matter what. This is an oportunity to buy equipment you really need while actually making a difference.

Klick here to shop men’s or women’s technical system.

Valid November 29 2019, 00.01-23.59 CET.

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