M Stellar Light Mid Sweater

This is the missing link between a fleece garment and a base layer. Thin, soft, stretchable, and extremely comfortable, the Stellar Light Mid layer will keep you warm during high pulse activities, while effectively transporting moisture away from your body.

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Color: Orange


_Light fleece material is highly technical and very comfortable.
_Effectively transports moisture away from your body, keeping you warm and dry.
_Exceptionally versatile and durable, use them for everything.

Our Light Mid products are the perfect combination of technical performance and everyday versatility. A stylish and comfortable garment that can be used for relaxed travelling or high pulse activities without breaking a sweat (even if you do). The amazing Fieldsensor™ material makes these products extremely versatile and usable. Layer up when ski-touring in the winter or when hiking in the fall. Go running or mountainbiking in the summer. Actually — since they are so comfortable, you will probably end up wearing them all the time.

The Fieldsensor™ fabric from Japanese outdoor tech experts Toray has a great warmt-to-weight ratio, is compressible and quick-drying. The products are also very durable and will last you a long time. The threads are made from fibres that are designed to transport moisture by capillary action. The outside is silky-smooth for decreased rubbing when layering and is flossed on the inside for increased moisture evaporation and amazing comfort.

The Stellar Mid Jacket is made from a heavier and warmer fleece material. It has more pockets and can be worn as a stand-alone jacket even on cooler days.

The Seamless Base Layer is very thin and extremely stretchable. Its main purpose is to quickly transport moisture away from the body. Usually you wear a mid layer on top of it.

_Fabric: Fieldsensor.
_Garment weight: S 260 grams, M 264 grams, L 285 grams, XL 311 grams, XXL 355 grams.
_Round neck.
_Zipped sleeve pocket.
_No shoulder seam for decreased abrasion.

Layering is everything

Every product we create, down to the very last detail, is part of a technical layering system — finely tuned to perform during demanding physical activities in shifting alpine conditions.

A complete Stellar Equipment System will transport moisture away from your body, fast and efficient, while keeping you warm and dry at all times. It also permits materials to move freely over each other for maximum comfort, function and freedom of movement.

Layering is everything when it comes to high performance outerwear: Performance, comfort, energy, safety and durability.