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Wild Wild Vest

They provide core warmth while taking up minimum space in your backpack. They keep your arms free when engaging in activities that require maximum freedom of movement, such as climbing, paddling, ski-touring, or when setting up camp.

The Stellar Ultralight Down Vest 2.0

Completely re-engineered and representing the purest incarnation of our design philosophy, the Ultralight Down Vest 2.0 is the remarkable result of a seven year product cycle, a continuous strive for improvement, and our collective expertise in down insulation technology. This is a specialist insulation garment developed and optimized for demanding users. Redesigned with new innovative materials and an updated fit, it offers a new level of usability, increased warmth, and improved durability.

The Stellar Stretch Down Vest

Taking down garment versatility to a new level, our best-selling 750 fill power Stretch Down Concept features two revolutionary innovations in down technology; woven seamless down baffles and a water repellent two-way stretchable outer fabric. The result is a warmer, more durable and more weather-resistant insulation garment, that quite possibly might be the most comfortable and versatile down product you have ever worn — you will not believe how stretchable it is.

The Guide Aerogel Hybrid Vest 2.0

Perfecting one of our most avant-garde concepts, the upgraded Guide Aerogel Hybrid Vest 2.0 features insulation fibers made from a material so incredibly light it is sometimes referred to as ‘frozen smoke’, boasting the highest insulation-to-weight properties known to man. We took this cutting-edge synthetic insulation, covered it in a new ultralight, stretchable and breathable Japanese shell fabric, and combined it with a comfortable and fast-wicking merino-wool blended fleece for a uniquely warm, technical and versatile mid-layer garment.

The Stellar Hybrid Vest 2.0

The updated Hybrid Vest 2.0 combine tactical panels of breathable and weather-resistant ultralight ripstop shell material with ultra-stretchable Fieldsensor™ lightweight fleece fabric. Designed for demanding outdoor activities in chilly or windy conditions, the shell fabric will protect you from the elements while the soft fleece evaporates moisture and enables a full range of motion.

The Stellar Mid Vest 2.0

With a revised design, and upgraded with a new innovative fabric, the Stellar Mid Vest 2.0 is one of the most technical fleece products on the market. Warm, wind-resistant, fast-wicking, stretchable and seriously comfortable, this is a vest you can — and will — use for any activity, at any time, in any season.

The Stellar Light Mid Vest

The Stellar Light Mid Vest is the missing link between a fleece garment and a base layer. Thin, soft, stretchable, and extremely comfortable, the Stellar Light Mid layer will keep you warm during high pulse activities, while effectively transporting moisture away from your body.

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