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Guide Hyperlight Down Hood
Featuring the world’s highest fill power goose down, outstanding insulation-to-weight ratio and a 100% recycled nylon fabric developed in Japan — this is a pinnacle of our expertise in insulation technology, and one of the lightest specialist down jackets in the world.
Ultralight Down Hood
Our iconic Ultralight Down Hood is possibly the worlds lightest full-featured down jacket. Filled with unrivalled 1000 fill power down, it is also one of the warmest in relation to its weight, designed for extremely cold conditions.
Ultralight Down Jacket
1000 fill power down provides unrivalled insulation performance. Specialist jacket designed for extremely cold alpine conditions. Possibly the worlds lightest down jacket.
Ultralight Down Sweater
1000 fill power down provides unrivalled insulation performance. A comfortable insulation layer for warmer conditions. Minimalistic and ultra-packable, 167g in size M.
Stretch Down Hood 2.0
The 750 fill power platinum down we use is of the highest quality. The jacket can be compressed, and lofts quickly when unpacked. The down is also treated for water resistance which makes it more durable, while keeping you warm and dry even in the wet.
Stretch down Jacket
Ground-breaking down technology with seamless baffles and stretchable fabric. 750 fill power down and eliminated cold spots means superior insulation performance. Truly versatile and weather resistant, use it for alpine activities or as an everyday jacket.
Red Hot Parka
Extremely warm parka for high alpine terrain. 800 fill power down provides outstanding insulation performance. Ultra-packable with included compression bag.
Expedition Down Parka
Full box baffle construction for extremely cold conditions. Ultralight 3-layer shell fabric is waterproof, windproof and very durable. Sophisticated 8000-meter parka with impressive warmth-to-weight-ratio.

The world’s finest down jackets.

We are obsessed with down, and aspire to produce the best down insulation garments on the market. Lightweight, packable, durable, comfortable and above all — incredibly warm.

You can compare our technical down products to any other, from any other brand, and you will find ours to be warmer, lighter and available at a better price. This is the result of dedication and experience, research and development, collaborations with the world’s finest suppliers and a modern business model.

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