The Free 5 Pocket Pants

Partly recycled. Totally durable.

New for 2021

Introducing the new Free 5-pocket Pants — technical outdoor pants in casual disguise.

Durable, stretchable and weather resistant with a timeless design and relaxed fit.

Outdoor workwear

Using our signature bulletproof softshell fabric, these pants offer the same technical performance as our best-selling outdoor pants. With triple stitching, double knee panels and a timeless appearance, they will probably outlive most other items in your wardrobe.

Relaxed durability.

Use them for traveling, camping, glamping, backpacking or some late-night hammerschlagen. Abuse them on long hikes and gnarly approaches, wear them for bouldering sessions, wave spotting or dirty duties. Whenever your need for stretchable durability with a stylish touch occurs.

Partly recycled. Totally durable.

We are very proud of our signature softshell fabric. It offers incredible performance, great stretchability and extreme durability while containing 49% post-consumer recycled fibres.

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