The Stellar Running Shorts

The sky is the limit

The Stellar Running Shorts — designed for long distance mountain running. Technical, lightweight, stretchable and weather resistant with a great supportive fit.

Unrestricted performance

Our goal was to develop a pair of minimalist trail running shorts that provided maximised freedom of movement, a great fit and a lightweight feel while offering high-performance breathability and sufficient weather protection. Many sweat-induced high-pulse hours later (the trail fanatics on our team are easily convinced) — this is the result.

Lightweight and breathable

These shorts have a supportive next-to-skin fit thanks to the built-in tights made from stretchable AquaTech® fabric, while providing breathable weather protection and a relaxed look using a stretchable, water-resistant and breathable ultralight shell fabric for technical performance.

Trail-tested on three continents

Our teams have tested these shorts on endless trails, running over alpine moraines and through steaming jungles, through foggy pine forests and along dizzying granite ridges. Use them for trail running and skyrunning, for long-distance challenges or that afternoon jog.

Complete your outfit

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