Peace Lily

This movie was the culmination of years of fixating over how I truly wanted to represent my relationship with life and skiing. I was so lucky to have a crew of close friends to make it with. Zak Mousseau, one of my closest friends for years and favourite people in the world, managed to find the time between working a full-time shift work job at Teck, to not only stack clips, but motivate and inspire the entire crew. Liam Morgan’s confidence and self-assured trust in his ski style is so inspiring and infectious. A constant reminder that being yourself is cool as fuck and he’s got the outlook to back it up. Stephen Reed, one of the most talented photographers in the Elk Valley, was all in last winter. Contracts are fleeting, sleds are expensive, and we all know gas is stupid. But Steve doubled down and didn’t miss a trip which resulted in a year full of amazing moments and memories. Jake Strassman spent the winter in Fernie, managed to make it through a solid 6 months trying to understand every idea that popped into my head, and turn them into reality. And finally, Sophie Perrault has been a part of this project, and every project for that matter, unrelentingly. Sophs open-mindedness has helped me create a movie I can be proud of, and hopefully everyone involved can be too. The only way out, is through. Thanks for watching and I hope you like it.❤️

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Film By
Dylan Siggers
Shot by
Jake Strassman
Photography by
Steve Reed
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