Passion Over Profession

Adrien Grabinski is the ski patrol director and a caretaker at Shames Mountain, a tiny ski hill in British Columbia’s northwest. The mountains, the snow, and the big lines first captivated him, but the local ski community truly stole his heart. But somehow, despite his demanding responsibilities, the 24-year-old also manages to push himself harder than anyone else on the mountain. Actually, Grabinski might be The Best Skier You’ve Never Heard Of.

During winter 2023, Stellar Equipment produced and filmed a documentary film about Adrien Grabinski at Shames Mountain. The film, “The Best Skier You’ve Never Heard Of,” was selected as a finalist at the 2023 Banff Centre Mountain and Book Festival and is currently screened globally on the Banff Film Festival World Tour.

Find a screening near you at → Banff Mountain Festival — The Best Skier You’ve Never Heard Of
Production by
Stellar Equipment
Directed by
Marcus Ahlström
Produced by
Mattias Fredriksson
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