The Mountain Culture Journal

Welcome to Interstellar — a Mountain Culture Journal featuring striking imagery and inspiring narratives from all over the outdoor world.

A few years back, we set out to make extraordinary high-tech outdoor equipment, uncompromising in quality and design. We took the same approach in creating Interstellar. Some of the best writers, photographers and artists in the outdoor industry have contributed, and we’re grateful for their efforts. 

It’s a modest start, perhaps, but our ambitions are high. Interstellar will fill the void of high quality content where long-standing magazines have been pushed out of business by clickbaits and influencers. At Stellar Equipment, we believe that mountain culture is authentic, unique, essential, and worthy of a better fate — we strive to not only preserve it, but provide a platform for it to flourish.

“You’re a commercial company with a hidden agenda,” some of you might think — and you would be correct: there is no such thing as a free après. Our hope is that you’ll feel thoroughly indoctrinated. Brainwashed. Slave to a relentless urge. Itching to get out in the mountains and experience something new. To climb higher, go farther, ski harder, and stay out there longer.

Let us know how we did.

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