M Stellar Mid Pants 2.0

Upgraded with a new innovative fabric, the Stellar Mid Pants are one of the most technical fleece products on the market. Warm, wind-resistant, fast-wicking, stretchable and seriously comfortable, these pants are up for anything. And once you put them on — you will probably never take them off.
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Color: Black


_New fleece material is highly technical and very comfortable.
_Effectively transports moisture away from your body keeping you warm and dry.
_Exceptionally versatile and durable, use them for everything.

This is the perfect mid-layer for any outdoor activity. From ski-touring, free-skiing and alpinism in the winter, to climbing, hiking, trekking and biking in the summer. Revised for this season, the updated Stellar Mid Pants areone of the most technical and comfortable fleece products on the market. The upgraded fleece fabric is an amazing innovation with a smooth and durable outside, and a super-soft and moisture-wicking inside. It is warm, wind resistant and extremely stretchable. The fabric is designed to effectively transport moisture away from the inside by capillary action, and to distribute it over a larger area on the outside, allowing it to evaporate faster.

New fleece material made from 30% recycled fibers. Wind-resistant and very stretchable. Smooth on the outside for extra durability and for decreased friction against outer layers, flossed in the inside for comfort and for increased moisture-wicking capability. High waist for comfort when layering in cold conditions.Garment is 100% recyclable.

Layering is everything

Every product we create, down to the very last detail, is part of a technical layering system — finely tuned to perform during demanding physical activities in shifting alpine conditions.

A complete Stellar Equipment System will transport moisture away from your body, fast and efficient, while keeping you warm and dry at all times. It also permits materials to move freely over each other for maximum comfort, function and freedom of movement.

Layering is everything when it comes to high performance outerwear: Performance, comfort, energy, safety and durability.