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Stellar Mid Hood 2.0
New fleece material is highly technical and very comfortable. It is warm, wind resistant and extremely stretchable.
Stellar Mid Jacket 2.0
Stellar Mid Jacket is one of the most technical and comfortable fleece products on the market. The upgraded fleece fabric is an amazing innovation with a smooth and durable outside, and a super-soft and moisture-wicking inside.
Guide Merino Mid Hood
This is the perfect mid-layer for demanding outdoor activities. From ski-touring, free-skiing and alpinism in the winter, to climbing, hiking, trekking and biking in the summer.

Highly technical. Seriously comfortable.

These are some of the most technical fleece products on the market.

The innovative merino-blended Guide Hood and our newly updated and partly recycled heavyweight Stellar Fleece are both warm, wind-resistant, fast-wicking, stretchable and seriously comfortable. These are durable jackets you can — and will — use for any activity, at any time, in all seasons.

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