Unisex Seamless Base layer

When you are working hard, our unisex Seamless Base Layers will work even harder to transport moisture away from your body. Our innovative TechBase fabric has phenomenal wicking qualities, keeping you dry in any conditions. These next-generation base layers are seamless, comfortable, odour-free, and extremely stretchable.

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Color: Black


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_Leading moisture wicking abilities.
_Seamless design for low weight and minimal chafing.
_Odour-resistant and extremely stretchable.

This might be the most essential garment when being active in the outdoors — don’t cheat here. Our unisex seamless base layers are synthetic and highly technical, designed primarily to keep you dry even during high-pulse activities, effectively transporting moisture away from your body through capillary action. Seamless design means no chafing during long days ski-touring or hiking. Made from engineered next-generation TechBase fabric, these products have nothing in common with the uncomfortable and smelly synthetic base layers of old. They are high-wicking, odour-resistant, comfortable and extremely stretchable.

Our Tech-Base fabric is made of 90% Nylon and 10% Elastane and has outstanding moisture management performance. The fibres in the TechBase fabric are engineered to maximise the ability to transport moisture away from your skin and push it to the next layer where it evaporates. Size S/M will fit people from 150 to 185 cm, and size M/L people from 175 to 200+ cm. Combine with any of our mid layers for warmth and insulation with sustained moisture management. Headband is included in this base-layer bundle.

Wear our Light Mid products on top of the Seamless Base Layer during summer/spring/fall conditions. Made from Fieldsensor™ fabric, these lightweight mid-layers are very comfortable with high-wicking capabilities.

Wear our Mid products on top of the Seamless Base Layer during fall/winter/spring conditions. Made from our upgraded heavyweight fleece fabric, these products are very warm, very stretchable and extremely comfortable.

_Fabric: Super wicking, quick drying seamless knitted fabric
_Composition: 92% Nylon, 8% Elastane.
_Garment weight: S/M 275 grams (top & bottom), L/XL 303 grams (top & bottom).
_Turtle neck collar.
_Extra long top.
_Extra high waist on bottom.
_Seamless construction to avoid snagging.
_Super elastic fabric for great comfort.
_Free headband included.

Layering is everything

Every product we create, down to the very last detail, is part of a technical layering system — finely tuned to perform during demanding physical activities in shifting alpine conditions.

A complete Stellar Equipment System will transport moisture away from your body, fast and efficient, while keeping you warm and dry at all times. It also permits materials to move freely over each other for maximum comfort, function and freedom of movement.

Layering is everything when it comes to high performance outerwear: Performance, comfort, energy, safety and durability.